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About Me

During my 20 year career as a leader in the international development sector, I gained valuable experience in leading and coaching others, designing strategy, and cultivating multicultural teams.  This grew my passion for resourcing and encouraging others to explore their potential, grow in confidence, and thrive as leaders, without burning out.  
I love to support clients to unravel their thinking, develop their strengths and feel confident that they have the tools to succeed and live their best life.



Have you ever needed space to think and support to help you unravel your thinking? 

I work with clients globally through coaching, by creating that space to reflect and learn, helping you move forwards to reach your full potential and create your best life.

Strategic Consultancy

Dreaming big but not sure where to start?  

I help clients with big ideas get started by supporting them to develop their strategy and work out how to turn ideas into practice.


“As a coach, Sarah is gifted at helping me explore personal and professional challenges through a compassionate lens, then connecting themes in a way that positively impacts my ability to define and meet my goals.”

Caitlin, Strategic Initiatives Director

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