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About Me

‘In the minds of women around the globe lie the seeds of the solutions to climate change, poverty, violence and corruption.’ 

(Playing Big, Tara Mohr, 2014)

When I first read this, it made my heart sing.  It expressed exactly what I intrinsically believed to be true - that given the chance, women play significant roles in creating positive social impact.

I’m Sarah Newnham, women’s leadership coach and consultant, former humanitarian aid worker, mother, and lover of travel and singing.  I’m passionate about resourcing and encouraging women to explore their potential, rise in pursuing their passions, and thrive as leaders.

Throughout my career, I’ve met many women doing great work in lonely leadership places, trying to help others without having much help themselves. In listening to their stories, such as a woman in Pakistan, running a child development organisation, as one of few female leaders in the region, I’ve been both heart-broken and inspired by the determination and drive of women to make a positive impact for their families and societies.  It's hearing these women’s stories that motivates me to help others thrive.

In my previous role as Regional Director for an International Aid and Development NGO, I led and coached others, designed strategy, and cultivated multicultural teams.  From leading humanitarian operations to equipping small organisations, my broad experience has taught me a lot about supporting others to rise in leadership, grow in confidence, achieve work/life balance, and manage change.

Using my skills as an encourager, an insightful communicator and a strategic catalyst, I love to help women consider how they can best lead, knowing their strengths and being authentic to who they are.  

I am actively working towards my accreditation with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) having completed my training with Coach Deeper.  I hold a Masters in Development Studies from LSE, and a BSc in International Management from UMIST.

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