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My Services


“Sarah is very intuitive and probing in the right way with her questions during the session, which I have found provides me with a safe and useful space for me to explore and analyse the way forward in my professional and personal life.”

Coaching is about supporting you to move forwards to reach your full potential and create your best life.  It gives you space to reflect and learn, believing that the best answers come from within yourself, but need help to be drawn out.  

As your coach I create a safe and supportive environment to enable you to share freely and confidentially.  I ask questions that will provoke thought, and use tools to inspire you to set meaningful goals, increase awareness, address unhelpful habits, and identify actions.  These all work together to help you move forwards, to unlock your potential and bring balance in your life and work.  

What do I bring to coaching?

  • I have coached and mentored people from different life stages and backgrounds - from women early in their career wondering how to move forwards, to entrepreneurs wanting to put their ideas into practice, to directors of not-for-profit organisations planning their strategy and seeking better work-life balance.

  • I have led teams within the international development sector, so I bring broad experience of leading and coaching others, implementing strategic plans and cultivating multicultural teams.  This gives me a rich understanding of what my clients are facing that I can draw on in giving them support.  

  • I have particular expertise in working with women in the not-for-profit sector, helping them explore their strengths, grow in confidence, achieve work-life balance, manage change, and thrive as leaders.  

Strategic Consultancy

“Sarah was the best leader I have had the privilege to work with in nearly 15 years in the industry - as she was a coach and an encourager, with practical ideas for me to consider when I faced challenges and the unique capacity to keep strategic aims, the heart of the organisational mission and the well-being of the team - and me as its leader - at the fore of our fieldwork as she guided and supported me.”

I help clients with big ideas get started by supporting them to develop their strategy and work out how to turn ideas into practice.  I have mentored and supported a number of directors and senior staff in developing both programme and support function strategies.  

What do I bring to strategic consultancy?

  • I have developed many strategies at different levels from corporate thematic, regional, country and humanitarian strategies.

  • I have led and coached not-for-profit directors through strategic design and planning processes.

  • Working in partnership with you, I can tailor my services to meet your needs.

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