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What People Say About Me

“Sarah is very intuitive and probing in the right way with her questions, which provide me with a safe and useful space to explore and analyse the way forward in my professional and personal life.  I greatly value Sarah’s approach that she uses, which consists of steering me in my thought process without influencing it, nor the conclusions I arrive at during our sessions. I have found Sarah to be patient, empathetic and highly professional in our sessions and as a result I always leave the session inspired and motivated about next steps I can take.”

Julie, Entrepreneur, UK

“As a coach, Sarah is gifted at helping me explore personal and professional challenges through a compassionate lens, then connecting themes in a way that positively impacts my ability to define and meet my goals. Because she is attentive and remembers our previous conversations, she is able to ask insightful questions that help me reconnect with my strengths, passion, and resources. Both encouraging and methodical, her coaching style always leaves me feeling confident, organized, and equipped to take the next right step forward towards my goals.” 

Caitlin, Strategic Director at Non-profit, USA

“Sarah's guidance and support of me personally and professionally was essential to helping me navigate the complex challenges of my work and to grow in my own capacity to be a strategic leader and steward the staff in my care. Simply put, her support made our programmes and our team better, and helped me be a better version of me in my leadership role. Sarah's insights helped me develop and advance joined-up strategies, her encouragement of me personally helped to improve my sense of well-being and her troubleshooting with me brought practical solutions to the fore that I could apply directly. Sarah's guidance comes from many years of field experience in humanitarian and development contexts across the world and it is borne out of a passion to help leaders thrive and succeed in challenging environments. Sarah was the best leader I have had the privilege to work with in nearly 15 years in the industry - as she was a coach and an encourager, with practical ideas for me to consider when I faced challenges and the unique capacity to keep strategic aims, the heart of the organisational mission and the well-being of the team - and me as its leader - at the fore of our field work as she guided and supported me. “

Kathleen, NGO Regional Director, Middle East

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